Matteo Perin

Lifestyle designer of the stars


He defines himself as a ‘lifestyle designer’, a word he coined, since he creates clothing, objects and furnishings that adapt as closely as possible to the lifestyle of the people with whom he collaborates. But Matteo Perin’s passion for design starts from fashion, as a young boy, from the idea of ​​dressing in his own way, absolutely unsigned, creating original combinations by mixing what he already had.

At 14 he began to have clearer ideas about his aptitudes and to express himself by drawing and painting blue jeans. Precisely this passion of his allowed him to quickly earn a living when he moved to Los Angeles at a very young age: “Some US television fiction actors asked me to draw on their jeans. I wasn’t watching TV and therefore I didn’t know who they were. It all started like this, with word of mouth. “

He reveals that the creative process that leads to the birth of one of his ‘made to measure’ garments starts from a meeting, a chat. Perin takes notes and studies the person, how he expresses himself, his lifestyle, where he comes from and where he wants to get, what he is forced to do. He provokes, teases, listens, until he has all the elements to create something unique and personalized. “Often and willingly they trust me immediately. They discovered me by word of mouth and are curious to see how I work, how I think, what I can create for them. Sometimes I show some drawings that I have with me, other times I start drawing right in front of them, while they talk to me ”.

Among his qualities there is certainly a marked sensitivity that allows him to grasp the personality of those in front of him. Fundamental element to try to design, in a very short time, creations that best reflect the customer and, for example, his home, the boat, his lifestyle in general. This is how the collaboration with a myth like John Travolta was born, from a simple circumstance like meeting with friends: “He immediately liked my attention to detail and person as well as respect for privacy”.

Despite numerous famous clients, Matteo Perin has never been one of those people who is easily impressed or put in awe in character, even if he admits an embarrassing episode: “I happened to have to dress an NBA player 2 meters and 13 meters tall I had to get on a chair to be able to take his measurements correctly, “he recalls with a smile.

But what is the most beautiful compliment received during work?

“One day a very famous client of mine revealed to me that thanks to me the desire to take care of his look had returned and that I was making his life very simple: both he and his wife were happy with the positive effect that this he had had on his life. “

Among the designers who inspire him in his work, he quotes Valentino for his harmony, Armani for revolutionizing male lines and Ralph Lauren “for being cool”: characters who have been able to create fashion empires while transmitting an aesthetic taste without time and a sense of beauty that today seems to be less and less prominent in the world of luxury.

Speaking of inspiration, we end up in the vast spaces of Oregon, in the snowy woods where he spent time on the ranch of a customer who – he admits – is bigger than the town he originated from, Lugagnano, in the province of Verona.

But what are the materials you prefer? For example, we know that you have a passion for leather ...

“Touché! I love leather since I was a boy. I think it was the first material ever used by the human being. There is something unique about it that attracts me irresistibly. Of course, I am also fascinated by silk that manages to caress a woman’s curves with sensuality, and cashmere which, for me, is an amazing yarn … i wish I could I would live wrapped in cashmere all year round “.

After designing haute couture clothes worn by world stars, but also footwear, jewelry, furnishing accessories for homes, yachts and private jets, luggage and accessories, Matteo Perin’s next adventure will be linked to the world of marble: “A very important, creative linked to the world of art “. Stay tuned.

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