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Flavia Pennetta:
Forehands to win the game

Do you know the gesture with which you close the last bow of the last package of the last Christmas present? That gesture starts the party, the joy of the moments that count. Flavia Pennetta's forehand shot out at the 2015 US Open has the flavor of that gesture, the seal of a career, the racket flying into the sky, the celebration that can begin.


Cortina, where the mountain becomes fashionable

Cortina sparkles and has always been one of the most chic places in the whole peninsula, so much so that it has become a unique lifestyle statement - identity, recognition, luxury - to get an idea of it, just take a walk along Corso Italia, one of the most famous Italian streets for starry shopping, a privileged showcase for the main international couture brands and the soul of the Made in Cortina style in which the typical mountain dimension is scratched by a unique Ampezzo approach that can be replicated by designer labels.
Because fashion is a serious matter here, so much so that it even boasts a Fashion Weekend, and shopping is one of the most practiced sports, apr├Ęs ski as well as on August afternoons, as a corollary to events and appointments that have nothing to envy to those of the metropolis.

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