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GARBO was founded in Milan, in 2010, after years of close collabo- ration with partners operating in the hospitality and luxury industry. Roberta and Ilaria wanted a workspace that recreated an atmos- phere closer to that of the home than a sterile office, and this can be seen today in the company’s current headquarters in Porta Roma- na, which also serve as the perfect setting for events, commercials, and photoshoots. Since the start, they decided to stand out on the panorama of numerous Milan press agencies. The idea was that of focusing not so much on any one specific area of action, but rather offering “tailor-made” services, which were personalised and based on the needs and type of individual customer, from larger and more established realities to emerging ones rich in talent. In other words, the aim was to create an unconventional Press&PR service... and they fully succeeded in doing so.

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