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Alberto Cavalli

Carlo Bonomi

Carlo Ferro

Cirillo Marcolin

Giulio Di Sabato

Marco Fortis

Norberto Albertalli

Roberto Scarpella

Siro Badon

Stefano Patuanelli

Fall / Winter 2020/21

The Cathedral

Another town, another train


I found an angel on the bridges

Heroes of Manufacture

Eli srl

Maurizio Croceri

CEO and shareholder​

The joint venture dedicated to footwear dates back to 2016 and led to the birth of Eli srl. A company that, after only 4 years of work, achieved a turnover of 36 million euro producing one million pairs of shoes in 2019…

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Pietro Rancan

Owner, together with his brother Dario, and Commercial Director Rancangelo

Design and innovation go hand in hand like never before”.

A motto that is already saying a lot about the approach to the precious world of jewelery of this Venetian company founded on 25 September 1960 by Angelo Rancan…

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Arzanà Veneto

Cristian Berti

Owner and Commercial Director Arzanà Veneto

In a world where everything becomes standardised, we want to bring back the desire to be proudly different”. This is how this 100% made in Italy brand presents itself, a mix of history and craftsmanship. A footwear brand linked to the concept…

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