“My two seasons? One on wheels and one on blades, lived with the same passion for speed, for that sense of strenght and power that runs through your veins when you fly with the wind. Rollerskating gave me unforgettable satisfactions, but it is only ice skating that can satisfy the ambition of the Olympic podium. Hence I continue training, with double effort compared to my colleagues, I who started this discipline late, but giving Italy already the first European podium. So let’s go ahead, six months on rollerskates, and six months on the ice…sprinting towards the finish line in Beijing!”


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Spirit de Milan

Spirit de Milan is much more than a place, much more than a ballroom or a theater stage, more than a restaurant and an outdoor garden: it’s a typical way in Milan of experiencing art, music, entertainment and culture. At the base of the project is a philosophy based on inclusiveness, guided by the desire to hang out together, with mostly free events, based on the example of Irish “public houses”.