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AFmag #4

The Chinese studio, Vary Design has reinvented the banknote printing factory in Chongqing – People’s Republic of China, converting it into an educational centre for the University of Hundun (for the more curious, some photos can be found on Domus post about it).

Not only is the idea of reusing abandoned buildings on campus instead of building new structures interesting, but also and above all the fact of courageously combining the old and the new to create a strong contrast that ultimately leads to harmony and avoids facture.

The main volume of the building, in fact, retains the original brick structure while the new glass entrance and steel balcony make up a curious contrast of materials and volumes. A contrast that turns into a comparison. What was distant is brought closer to discover that it really isn’t so distant.

In this issue, we also look at contrasts, bringing Mars and Venus together on the stage thanks to two important Italian actors.

We interpret elegance by placing it inside a hard fighting cage, we throw the tuxedo into the pool and combine the hyper-design world of eyewear with playfull faces.

The sneaker comes into conflict with the temptation of “we have already seen everything” and leaves us open-mouthed thanks to the genius of a multitalented designer.

The jewel-like watch worn by a shoe shiner completes the antagonistic game. An issue dedicated in particular to masculine contrasts, with a close eye on the new trends to be presented at Pitti Uomo, the perfect place to find harmony in wonder, joy in the game, and fashion in detail.

The crime we love
Ilenia Pastorelli and Gianmarco Tognazzi

“Cinema is a complex art that changes and evolves, but it is always worthwhile to be seen or experienced and, if we want to say it all:
the one tailor-made in Italy is even better”

The fighting fish
Federico Morlacchi


“My destiny as a man and an athlete has been shaped in this water. Its wave motion, first upwards and then deep down, taught me to lose and get up again”

A true fighter
Alex Celotto


“I am a born fighter and tattooed upon my face
are the signs of my calling, just like the Maori warriors”

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