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The new af-magazine is born!

CityLife’s skyscrapers stand on the “ashes” of the former trade fair area of Milan. They house an insurance company and shopping centres. At the inauguration, images, lights and music were projected on their glazed surfaces. Thus, they became a symbol not only of economy or technology, but also of architectonic beauty and entertainment. An experience that mixes business, art and emotion.


One should continue to sell and conquer markets, but needs also to fascinate, amaze and catch the imagination.


af-magazine – Accessory Fashion is a new magazine that grows on the field sown by Idea Pelle, and has come to life to interpret these changes looking in particular at the world of fashion accessories. It uses a fresh and vital language to tell buyers, retailers and professionals how trends, markets and the culture of fashion accessories evolve.

af-magazine pages

Managing Director

Matteo Pasca

Editorial Director

Lorenzo Raggi

Art Director

Angelo Lanza

Fashion Editor

Luca Termine

Fashion Guru

Giusi Ferrè


Alessio Tibaldi, Alice Blanchet, Andrea Reis, Annalisa Mellina, Anthony West​, Antony West, Dario Gay, Ention Sulo, Fabrizio Imas, Francesco Poroli, Gautier Pellegrin, Georgia Turri, Joe Colosimo, Joe T. Vannelli, Leonardo Brogioni, Luca Dalmazio, Pamela Bargnesi, Peter Penn, Stratis Kas, Ugo La Pietra, Yadier Castro Piedra

Graphic Design

Michele Alberti

Editorial Board

Erika Alberti, Cristina Locati, Enrico Martinelli, Barbara Solini

Trade fairs promotion

Giuseppe Picco


Lorenzo Caresana, Filippo Crepaldi, Massimiliano De Lonti, Piernicola Fascetto, Giorgio Gori, Mario Gori, Gabriella Laino, Lucio Luiselli, Enza Masotti, Stefano Migliavacca, Natalie Spelge

Marketing, digital & subscriptions

Mariella Catalano, Mariel Cuba, Andrea Zampieri


Paolo Arosio, Elisa Trasi